Friday, 2 October 2009

England Rugby League Coach Betrays International Competition

So after arguing, in a casual not related to anything honest way, that players should be allowed to flit from international team to international team, Tony Smith steals some Irish players. The Rugby League International Federation, a body not even able to maintain its own website, agreed to this. In other words whoever happened to be in the office said "Yeah mate why not?"

We of course are still waiting for someone to explain why the Great Britain side was split up if players are going to just be allowed to switch to England whenever they fancy it. Short sighted barely covers it.

Luckily Welsh rugby league is busy trying to establish at least a modicum of credibility. Hopefully the lads can put up a decent fight against the Northern Hemisphere Select XIII on October 17th at the Brewery Field, Bridgend. Genuine English fans should be cheering the boys in scarlet on.

Onwards and upwards, or at least sidewards.

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