Saturday, 26 March 2011

Championship License D-Day

Widnes, Barrow and Halifax will learn next Thursday whether they will gain the guaranteed spot in Superleague for a Championship club. The two not choosen will still be eligible to apply for one of the 13 spots alongside the existing Superleague sides in 2012.

Widnes Vikings are the clear favourites having responded well and thoughtfully to missing out last time. They have put in place all the non-playing structures required by the Rugby Football League and have a modern, decent sized stadium.

Halifax are hampered by a perceived lack of support and Barrow do not have the facilities or finance needed to compete. None the less the RL have developed a reputation for not be swayed by popular opinion and may yet spring a surprise.

Hopefully this strengthening of the sport in facilities and financial prudence will allow the re-introduction of promotion and relegation within the context of the proposed new league pyramid. Although not really the dominant culture of rugby league it is popular and creates a whole new host of drama and progression in the sport across the UK and even France.

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