Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Australia Beat England at Rugby League. Nation in shock.

What is it about sport that allows you to deny the pulsating reality of history, ability, player numbers and terrifying big blokes who should not be that nimble on their feet? It is of course the essence of sport otherwise most contests would be over before they started. But bloody hell come on - let us win at least one in a blue moon.

Sorry this post does not impart any great wisdom which is of course unusual for me. Cough. But hey ho, there is always next year. Cheer yourself up by perusing my many other words of wisdom here on my suite101.com article spectacular. The sure cure for those rugby league blues.

My predictions for the future: Wales RL to win the European Cup, the Four Nations and the Rugby League World Cup...all before England beat Australia in a meaningful game.

Bore Da!

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