Monday, 11 January 2010

A New Rugby League Season Beckons

Well it is never an easy ride in Rugby League. The Crusaders have moved to Wrexham amongst much controversy, the Rugby League International Federation (which resembles one of those old Soviet Union front groups - all title, no content or real authority) still hasn't released any credible accounts for the 2008 World Cup, we've lost more players to rugby union (who will get declared failures after walking straight into whatever national team they feel like) and yet...

The new season is approaching. There won't be any big coverage and the Rugby Football League still won't work out the importance of a proper all guns blazing season start. But I can't bloody wait.

The World Club Challenge, between Leeds Rhinos and Melbourne Storm, is perhaps the perfect introduction to rugby league. It'll be the third biggest crowd of the season, played with fire and grit and immense skill. It'll raise money for the sport, get decent coverage on the BBC for once and err the fans will moan about it, the Aussies will denigrate it and Richard Lewis will mutter under his breath about this bloody stubborn bunch.

Who the hell doesnt love this sport!

Tally Ho!

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